Labor Markets Have Evolved. Has Your Benchmarking and Planning Process?
A cutting-edge, best in class approach to compensation benchmarking, forecasting, and management for today’s complex workforce.
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Labor markets are changing quickly. Designing a fair and competitive compensation strategy that reflects current market realities requires a different approach. We are that different approach.

Who We Are and How We Are Different

Solving Business Problems With Data

Our founder Jason Krantz has made a career out of helping companies develop data informed decision making capabilities, teams, and cultures. These new capabilities helped take companies to the next tier of performance.

He created Labor Titan using the same real world, battle tested analytical approach. His vision is to revolutionize the compensation process, making it easier and accessible for all companies.

Key Questions Answered

We help you quickly, easily, and confidently answer some of your most demanding compensation questions:

- What are competitive pay rates for key jobs in my local market?

- What steps can I take to mitigate my employee turnover risk?

- Can we reduce the amount we spend on recruiting talent?

- How can we more effectively recruit new employees?

- What are the local wage forecasts for my key jobs?

- Am I paying above or below market rate?

How We Help You Answer These Questions

We make it easy to access, understand, and use high quality workforce and compensation information to drive better, faster, more confident compensation, hiring, and retention decisions.

Independent 3rd Party Perspective

We specialize in compensation benchmarking, forecasting, data, and analytics. Pairing this with our unbiased and systematic analytical approach brings a valuable, independent 3rd party perspective into your compensation activities and credibility to your recommendations.

Areas We Benchmark & Forecast

We forecast metros, also called MSA's. These are geographical regions with a relatively high population density at its core and close economic ties throughout the area. ~85% of US jobs are in MSA’s.

Due to their population density, MSA’s are large enough to reliably segment and forecast with accuracy and confidence. They are also small enough to define a local job market.

We provide non MSA wages via custom requests.

Our Data and Process

We leverage over 50 public and private data sources in Labor Titan. We run all this data through our advanced models to create our proprietary datasets. We then give you this data in an easy to use web interface. Our goal is to do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on other things.

Industry Standard Job and Work Definitions

Access best in class, industry standard job and level definitions so you always know you're pulling the right data. Compare multiple roles side-by-side to triangulate on the right compensation.

We Meet You Where You Are At
We provide all 5 types of compensation analytics, giving us the ability to help you no matter where you are on the analytics maturity curve.

A majority of benchmarking providers can only provide basic descriptive and diagnostic analytics. No one anywhere does compensation forecasting at a job/metro/work level like us.

Labor Titan Benchmarking focuses on the "here and now" side of compensation planning and analysis. Our proprietary datasets enable best in class descriptive and diagnostic analytics.

Labor Titan Forecasting focuses on the future. Our proprietary predictive, prescriptive, and automated compensation analytics will help you answer your most challenging market pay and planning questions.
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