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How It Works

Designed for simplicity and with best practices built in, our all in one cloud based platform provides a central location and process to load, map, and host internal jobs and pay.

Watch the video below to see how Labor Titan management works.

The Labor Titan Advantage

Map Jobs To Standard Occupation Codes

We use O*NET to help you map your jobs to standard occupation codes. This helps ensure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at market wages.

Metro Areas Bring More Accuracy

Due to their population density, MSA’s are large enough to reliably segment and forecast with accuracy and confidence, but are also small enough to define a local job market.

Job Leveling Best Practices Built In

Our point factor leveling system helps you reliably and objectively compare internal pay to market pay for the same jobs at the same level of expertise and responsibility.

Load Once, Use Many Times

We take compensation management from a tedious task to something powerful. Want to access benchmarks and/or forecasts for a specific role? Click a button and you will instantly have current and 12 month forecasted wages for the roles you selected. No one anywhere does that.

No More Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to tedious and error prone spreadsheets. We help HR and finance teams quickly and easily manage every component of compensation planning. This gives you more time to focus on higher priority things.

We Meet You Where You Are At

Labor Titan Management moves you out of spreadsheets and into advanced compensation management. Once your jobs are loaded, adding in Benchmarking or Forecasting is easy.

Labor Titan Benchmarking focuses on the "here and now" side of compensation planning and analysis. Our proprietary datasets enable best in class descriptive and diagnostic analytics.

Labor Titan Forecasting focuses on the future. Our proprietary predictive, prescriptive, and automated compensation analytics will help you answer your most challenging market pay and planning questions.
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