Our wage forecasts will change how you plan compensation
The first ever local job and work level specific wage forecast offering. Never again guess what market wage increases will be. Plan more confidently and win the battle for talent.
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Compensation & Finance Teams Love Labor Titan

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How It Works

Forecasting jobs is a simple 4 step process.
1) Select Occupation
Our platform helps you quickly, easily, and reliably map your jobs to standard occupation codes.
2) Select Metro
Select the metro area you want wages for.
3) Select Work Level
Our work leveling process guarantees you are comparing apples to apples across roles
4) Get Forecasts
Instantly get 12 month forecasted market wage ranges
Watch the video below to see how Labor Titan forecasting works.

The Labor Titan Advantage

Gain Clarity On Wage Outlooks

Gain insights on where wages are going by job, metro, and level. We help you stop using generic inflation or COLA based salary budget increases.

Plan and Budget More Confidently and Effectively

Finance and compensation professionals can access detailed wage outlooks to augment annual planning. CFO's have an external perspective to compare internal wage increase assumptions and recommendations against.

No More Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to tedious and error prone spreadsheets. We help HR and finance teams quickly and easily manage every component of compensation planning. This gives you more time to focus on higher priority things.

Independent 3rd Party Perspective

Support your proposed wage increases and recommendations with a credible and independent 3rd party. We specialize in compensation benchmarking, forecasting, data, and analytics.

Data Informed Compensation Planning

Labor markets are changing quickly. Designing a fair and competitive compensation strategy that reflects current and forecasted market realities requires a systematic, data informed approach. We make this capability accessible to anyone.

Built For Business Leaders

Labor Titan Forecasting supports planning and budgeting across all areas of the business.
Win the talent and retention battle. Plan compensation with confidence and ease.
Understand where market wages are headed. Simplify pay planning with advanced data and analytics.
Have confidence knowing you team is planning the largest cost on your P&L with industry leading wage data.

We Meet You Where You Are At

Labor Titan Forecasting focuses on the future. Our proprietary predictive, prescriptive, and automated compensation analytics will help you answer your most challenging market pay and planning questions.
Make Compensation Forecasting Easier
Try Forecasting for free today. No upfront setup costs. Pay as you go. Get up and running in minutes.

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