Market Pay Benchmarking and Analysis as a Service
Outsourced benchmarking services to help you quickly, easily, and effectively compare your pay to the market.
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Stop Losing The Battle For Talent

Competition for talent is intense. Our Accelerators reduce your risk of losing current and future employees to your competition by making sure your pay is competitive.

How It Works

We benchmark your jobs using a simple 4 step process that takes days, not weeks.
1) Send Jobs
You provide a list of the jobs you want benchmarked.
2) Map Jobs
We map your jobs to standard occupation codes and job levels.
3) Analysis
You receive a summary of your pay vs the market by job.
4) Make Changes
Make pay decisions knowing where you stand vs the market.
Watch the video below to see how Labor Titan Accelerators work.

Why Labor Titan Accelerators?

We bring market wage data, analysis, and recommendations in one package.

Add Capacity and Expertise Without Headcount

Hiring a full-time compensation expert can be costly or unnecessary. Accelerators offer you professional compensation data and services without adding to your budget or headcount.

Independent 3rd Party Perspective

Support your proposed wage increases and recommendations with a credible and independent 3rd party perspective that specializes in compensation benchmarking.

Ongoing Compensation Management

All Accelerator projects give you the option to load your mapped jobs to our online platform. This gives you access to monthly market wage updates and simplifies all future compensation benchmarking exercises.

Supplement Wage Surveys

Wage surveys are useful, but not perfect. They have two main issues: time lag and infrequent updates. Our current month market pay data can complement your survey reports. The result is a more accurate and updated view of market pay trends.

Reasonable Financial Investment

Most benchmarking efforts require expensive wage surveys, big software/data license investments, and large people investments. The Accelerator program delivers current month market wage data, analytics, and recommendations for less than the cost of a wage survey.

Who Are Accelerators For?

Anyone looking for help addressing their compensation challenges and winning the talent battle.

HR & Compensation Teams

Perfect for overloaded teams juggling multiple priorities (including compensation). Accelerators offer best in class benchmarking capacity, data, and analytics on demand.

Finance, FP&A Teams and CFO's

Stress test your internal team’s market wage figures and aid wage growth planning. Plan the biggest cost on your P&L with confidence, avoid budget cost overruns, and reduce turnover costs.


Uncompetitive pay means you are fighting the labor battle with one arm behind your back. Make the talent fight fair by knowing the wage ranges you are working with are competitive. If they aren't, you have the independent perspective needed to request adjustments.


Our Accelerators help educate your clients on current market rate realities. Our data, analysis, and recommendations can help your clients confidently adjust their pay ranges which helps you recruit more effectively.

How Are Accelerators Different From Your Online Benchmarking Platform?

Our online platform is self service, meaning you do all the work. With Accelerators we do a majority of the work and analysis for you. This benefits you in 3 key ways.
We do in days what it would take most teams weeks or months to do.
Market wages is all we do. Leveraging our expertise frees you up to do other things.
Once your jobs are mapped all future market wage analysis is much easier.
Let Us Do The Benchmarking Work For You
Accelerators do the heavy market pay benchmarking work for you. Start small and scale up.

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