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Labor Titan is a cost-effective solution for understanding not just the cost of labor in US geographies, but also for how various economic and job market indicators might impact the projected cost of labor for any given area.  They are more than a vendor. They are a trusted and knowledgeable partner in developing viable compensation solutions.

Denise Spaulding

Sr. Director, Global Compensation, CFA Institute
An Analytics Leader

Jason Krantz, founder of Labor Titan, is a global leader in the data and analytics space. He is bringing his elite skills and perspectives to compensation professionals everywhere with his new platform. It makes best in class compensation and workforce analytics accessible to everyone, so you can make better, faster, and more confident compensation decisions. I encourage you to try Labor Titan today.

Jordan Morrow

VP of Data and Analytics, BrainStorm
Simplicity, Clarity, Value

In a world where many confuse complexity for value, Labor Titan delivers impressive inferences, providing you with clarity and confidence to drive better and faster compensation decisions.

Miles Free

Director of Industry Affairs at PMPA: Precision Machined Products Association
Labor Titan = Value

Having this wage guidance is like someone turning on the headlights and windshield wipers when driving at night in the rain! I couldn’t be more impressed.

Robert Leety

President, Horberg Industries, Inc.
Best I've Ever Seen

Labor Titan is the best workforce and compensation analytics tool I have seen in my career. It is an essential component of our site selection and workforce analytics process. My clients love the powerful and clear insights they deliver. You need to give Labor Titan a try.

Mike Nolan

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Seismic Facility Solutions
Manage Labor Costs Better

Labor is the biggest cost on most construction projects. It is also one of the hardest costs to estimate. Labor Titan is a valuable tool in the contractor toolbox when it comes to understanding current and forecasted labor costs for key blue collar jobs. This helps construction managers present better, more competitive bids while reducing project budget overruns. Contractors should have Labor Titan in their planning and project management toolbox.

Justin Ullman

CEO, RhinoDox
A Trusted Partner

Labor Titan’s powerful workforce and wage analytics simplifies the complex process of analyzing labor markets and wage trends.  We use their analytics to help our clients make better supply chain, site selection, and hiring decisions.  This is critical for our clients' to optimize their operations/location and mitigate operational risk.  I’m glad to have Labor Titan as a trusted partner.

Nick Esposito

Managing Partner, Accretive Portco Solutions
Communicate Value

Labor Titan helps educational institutions by clearly communicating the value of their programs to both current and prospective students. They help bring greater clarity to the ROI students get out of their education investment and career earning prospects. They also have specific and up-to-date local market data that gives institutions a more informed data snapshot of the communities they serve. Their platform is the best I have ever seen.

Bob Clark

HVACR Program Manager, College of DuPage

President, Illinois Council of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Educators (ICARE)
Making the Complex Easy

Staying on top of labor and wage trends is hard. Labor Titan makes it easy. Their platform is unlike anything I have seen before. It is powerful yet remarkably simple. This is a potent tool to help companies everywhere win the battle for talent.

Naomi Kent

Managing Director & C-Suite Advisory, Felix
Game Changer

Labor Titan is a game changer as it takes the complexity out of budgeting and forecasting for our largest P&L line item - payroll. With its on-demand feature we can get current labor market rates and forecasts for any job description in any location within minutes. In today's challenging labor market, Labor Titan is an essential tool for us to stay competitive and properly forecast for our business.

Joe Barron

CEO, Gray Matters Games
Dominate Compensation

Given the current economic climate, marked by high inflation rates and supply chain disruptions, having access to Labor Titan is essential for those who want to maintain a competitive edge. With Labor Titan, you can attract and retain top talent in different markets by having a comprehensive understanding of compensation levels. This tool provides valuable insights that can help you stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions about workforce management.

Jakub Koziuk

Senior Manager Finance, Encore
Win The Talent Battle

Regional employers across almost all industries constantly report labor challenges, central to this challenge is understanding current compensation. Labor Titan can map compensation across jobs, differentiating by region, skills and industry.  They can even forecast future compensation levels to help the CFO. We are using Labor Titan to help both employers and students better understand career pathways both in terms of the requisite skills, job progression and compensation levels. Labor Titan is a game changer for firms of all sizes that struggle to attract and retain talent. Labor Titan can also support colleges and universities when researching new academic programs, while mapping pathways for students.

Joe Cassidy, MBA, EdD

Assistant Vice President Economic Development, Dean Continuing Education and Public Services at College of DuPage
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