What is Labor Titan?
How can Labor Titan help me?
Who can benefit from Labor Titan?
What countries does Labor Titan provide data for?
How does work leveling work? Is it a credible process?
Will Labor Titan map my jobs to occupations and work levels for me?
What are MSA’s? Why does Labor Titan provide wages at this level of detail?
What are standard occupation codes? Is it a reliable job classification system?


What are Labor Titan's data sources?
What level of detail do you offer?
How often is your data updated?
How old is your benchmark data?
How do you create your wage forecasts?
How far out do your forecasts go?
How is your data different from traditional wage surveys?
The market wages presented are far off from what I expected. Why is this?


What do I get when I purchase and use a credit?
How long is a credit good for?
Can I edit a benchmark or forecast request after it has been submitted?
WIll I still have access to benchmark and/or forecast data after my credits expire?

Market Data Segmentation

Do you provide executive compensation benchmarking?
Do you provide wage breakouts by company size, gender, age, union status, etc?
Do you provide industry specific wages?

Non Fixed Compensation

Does Labor Titan offer insights/benchmarks on benefits?
Does Labor Titan offer insights/benchmarks on variable pay?
Does Labor Titan include overtime wages?

Additional Labor Titan Services

Do you do custom wage studies?
Do you have other wage, labor, and workforce analytics solutions available?
Do you provide micropolitan and non metro wages?
Do you conduct wage surveys for 3rd parties?
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