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Timely and credible benchmarking data to help HR professionals win the talent battle. No more spreadsheets, old data, or uncertainty on market pay.
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HR & Compensation Teams Trust Labor Titan

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How It Works

Benchmarking and Forecasting jobs is a simple 4 step process.
1) Select Occupation
Our platform helps you quickly, easily, and reliably map your jobs to standard occupation codes.
2) Select Metro
Select the metro area you want wages for.
3) Select Work Level
Our work leveling process guarantees you are comparing apples to apples across roles
4) Get Market Pay
Instantly get current and forecasted market wage ranges
Watch the video below to see how Labor Titan Benchmarking and Forecasting works.

We Help You Win The Battle For Talent

Our goal is to free you up and remove stress related to compensation so you can focus your energy on other things.

Get Leadership Alignment and Buy-In

Getting leaders aligned on compensation strategy can be tough, primarily due to budget concerns. We help you get a compensation program in place to win the talent battle. Justify your proposed compensation figures and present your plan to management with confidence.

The Freshest Possible Salary Data

We ensure you are always working with the freshest market pay data available anywhere. Our monthly updates keep you aligned with local market wages as they move. No more working off old data and being out of position in the market.

Independent 3rd Party Perspective

Conducting custom salary surveys is both time consuming and expensive. As such, it isn't practical for most companies. We work with you to benchmark compensation quickly and economically. Our specialization in benchmarking and unbiased approach brings credibility to your recommendations.

Competitive Pay Bands

If your internal pay bands are out of alignment with the market you will struggle to 1) attract new talent and 2) retain existing talent. As an extension of your team, we help bring clarity to how your internal pay compares to the market so you can make the needed adjustments with confidence.

Ensure Compensation Fairness & Equity

Give your team the tools needed to confidently have compensation conversations. Understand how your proposed salaries will be perceived by employees prior to presenting them.

The Detail You Need

Most pay benchmarking sources have limited detail. We provide current month pay down to the occupation, metro, and work level. This ensures you are mapping wages to the exact benchmark you need.

No More Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to tedious and error prone spreadsheets. We help HR teams quickly and easily manage every component of compensation benchmarking.

Designed for simplicity and with best practices built in, our all-in-one cloud based platform provides a central location and process to load, map, host and manage internal jobs, current pay and pay benchmarking.

We Meet You Where You Are At

Labor Titan Management moves you out of spreadsheets and into advanced compensation management. Once your jobs are loaded, adding in Benchmarking or Forecasting is easy.

Labor Titan Benchmarking focuses on the "here and now" side of compensation planning and analysis. Our proprietary datasets enable best in class descriptive and diagnostic analytics.

Labor Titan Forecasting focuses on the future. Our proprietary predictive, prescriptive, and automated compensation analytics will help you answer your most challenging market pay and planning questions.
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